Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tools to Play/Learn/Teach with - M&M Fractions and Multiplicaiton

M&M Artifacts for Multiplication and Fractions
(you need to download Etoys to play/view)

Etoys is a media-rich authoring environment that encourages deep learning through experimentation. 
Children use Etoys to make their own models, stories, and games, which keeps them engaged because it's a lot of fun. But Etoys isn't just child's play. Etoys makes abstractions more palpable, allowing children to visualize and explore new ideas. 

Etoys allows you to construct things from a set of basic building blocks which is its strength and also (IMNSHBOWO1) its weakness.  It requires that you build everything from those basic building blocks.   I wanted to explore the idea of providing higher level "artifacts" that allow the user to play with ideas without having to start from first principles.  So I am working on a set of "Tools to Play/Learn/Teach with" (or to Think with or Play with) that allow kids, teachers and anyone else to play and learn.

I created this Etoy to explore how we can help kids with ideas such as fractions and multiplication.

My end goal is to see Etoys and the higher level artifacts used by teachers, kids and parents to facilitate and improve learning.  You are free to modify the tools you see here and/or create your own. As such they are Creative Commons licensed under the Share and Share alike  (see sidebar for license for all content on this site).

1 IMNSHBOWO - In My Not So Humble But Often Wrong Opinion