Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fraction A Day - Day 35+ - Multiply Me

Kids love pictures and especially pictures of themselves (don't we all). So this Etoy allows them to use their own pictures to play with Multiplication (and fractions).  By clicking on an image they can create multiple copies of themselves. Which can be used to ask how many of you are there in row 1, row 2, etc or what is the size of an image in row X if the image in row 1 is our unit size of 1?

Below is a copy of the script:

If you click "show code textually" (from the menu at the top left of the Script editor) you can see the smalltalk/squeak version as well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fraction A Day - Day 34 Is it Half a Star?

Using a gridded playfield allows kids to see the area for different shapes. Using the Fractionator (and a playfield with gridding turned on) I was able to get the images below, which are 1/3, but are they 1/3 of the Star? Let the kids ponder this for a while, then ask "What's your unit/whole/one?"