Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etoys Minute - Word Sorts

Launch if you have Etoys
if not download here 
This Etoy Minute was created in response to an email on the OLPC mailing list, where someone asked for a program to do word sorts.  So I created an Etoys project which is hopefully easily modifiable by others to allow folks to create their own Word Sorts (an activity where students arrange groups of words/picture by common characteristics, such as spelling patterns, meaning, sounds or other shared characteristics)

In the video and in the Etoys project I created a button to duplicate a page, I think this was making it too easy, I should have simply shown folks how to duplicate a page from the book menu (the menu icon at the top of the book between the next page and previous page arrows. If you click on it is has an option "duplicate page".

Feedback and suggestions for improvements always welcome.

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Carlos said...

Nice work, the holder object looks much better explained here, thaks so much, Carlos