Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fraction A Day - Day 32 - Cutting Cookies, Construction, Instruction and Perceptual Learning

Been working on Cookie Cutter program hopefully by Monday I will have something to post.
Also been thinking about when we should use Construction vs Instruction and had some interesting conversations with a few folks.

So the question I am asking is: Given that we can't expect kids to construct everything themselves (who has the time, or the appropriate facilitators)  How should we balance instruction in skills and learning to construct and test things for yourself?  The article Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas talks about Perceptual learning and perhaps using that technique could free up some time in classrooms for kids to learn to construct and test things themselves.

Well let me get back to making my playthinks, then maybe I'll have some tools to test things out and see what we can learn.

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