Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fraction A Day - Day 10 - Fraction Cutter

This is a first draft of a tool to let teachers and students create fractions and fraction problems by "cutting" an object.  The amazing thing is it only took 11 scripting tiles in Etoys (could have got it down to 7, but went for readability).  The first page lets you make only 1 cut, the second lets you make multiple cuts. I had to put a playfield on top of the "unit" (aka rectangle, which is in a gridded playfield) so that I could allow you to "clear the cuts" by simply using the Playfields "remove all" tile from the collections category. With only 1 playfield the remove all would have removed my "unit" as well.

Next I am thinking about using polygons as my "units" so I can visually show the cut by duplicating the polygon and modifying the vertices to points where they intersect the cut. Then I will "animate the cut" by moving the polygon's apart. This should scale to multiple cuts without code changes (using the Playfield's "tell all contents" tile from the scripting category). Well at least I think it should testing and the mandatory debugging that occurs anytime I write code will tell ;)

Here is the project:
Cut it up

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