Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fraction A Day - Day 7 - Development of the Concept of Fraction

So today I decided to do look for and review some research.

The Development of the Concept of "Fraction" from Grade Two through Grade Twelve. Final Report. Part One, Part Two and Appendix. - Robert B. Davis

What I like about this (besides the author) is that it includes a lot of excerpts from interviews with the kids.  

I also am reading Developing Effective Fractions Instructions for Kindergarten Through 8th Grade completely different, but good to know what the Department  of Education thinks :)

One thing I like in this report is that it lists "Roadblocks" which, in the kids cases, are what I have seen others call mis-conceptions, but to me seem like "I am applying an existing mental model that has worked fine up and has worked fine up until now and makes sense to me."

In the adults cases, they seem to me more political problems. That happens when you have a large group of humans.  These also need to be understood and dealt with if you want to engender change.

Finally an interesting way for kids to discuss and communicate their ideas about fractions: (thanks to Maria from Natural Math for pointing this one out).

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