Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day ~11 - 30 Day Learning Challenge

Too busy with work, which takes a large cognitive load, so at the end of the day I need diffusion/space out time.  Focused thinking after a day of focused thinking is hard.

I did find time while waiting at the bank to re-watch some AngularJS videos and try and apply some of the knowledge.  Below is my updated answer to #5:

5) Applying knowledge of research findings or learning techniques to help me overcome my challenges.
  1. Spaced Learning - Well I finally started trying this by re-watching the AngularJS videos and thinking about why they do certain things and what problems they are trying to solve, etc.
  2. Pomodoro Technique - Well total failure in applying this.  But this week I will do it.
  3. Don't just glance at it and think you know - I am recongizing this problem and admitting it to myself.  Part of the reason I am re-watching the AngularJS videos is to not only for spaced learning, but also to try and get a deeper understanding.
  4. Use different problem solving techniques - Well the lessons did go through various ways to produce the same HTML and behaviors, so I could see the advantages of directives and controllers.  Yet, it would be better to compare to completely different ways to solve similar problems.
  5. Powers of 10 thinking - I just do this naturally, but again too much time in the clouds trying to generalize and not enough going down deep.

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