Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 3 - 30 Day Challenge

Well coding while driving is not easy and since we spent most of the day driving my coding was limited to a few minutes just before I crashed at the hotel.

I did think about coding though while driving which was challenging.  It forced me to a higher level rather than specific code, I thought about the general problem and how I would approach it.  My goal is to take a number of concrete examples of data sources (csv and JSON for now) and visualizations (table and graph) and "connect" those together.  Then see what general patterns I can determine/code from that.  I did manage a brief period to figure out how to walk through a javascript object to get the Keys I would need to tie a JSON feed to a visualization.  My thought is to inspect the data to determine the fields/keys that are available to connect to either a table (will look at using smart table for first attempt, since some folks I know are using that) and also either HighCharts and/or D3.

I plan on creating the data structures, directives, and controllers to allow me to connect the data source to a visualization.  Then the next step after that will be to think about and perhaps try to implement some simple user interfaces that allow a lively like drag and drop connection between the data-source and visualizations.


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Gerald Ardito said...

I really appreciate your sharing your journey (in both senses) with us.
I am particularly interested in any connections you make with Etoys. Also, a colleague and I have been playing with D3 for visualizations. I am curious to see what you come up with.