Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 5 - 30 Day Learning Challenge

Try Blockly!!!  I tried it when it first came out and thought well, it has some potential but needs work.  Well they did a lot of work since I last looked at it.

As far as a tool for allowing students to learn about programming using tile scripts while providing a way to switch to Javascript (and I believe also Python, but need to double check that).

I haven't tried building projects with it yet, only played the games and watched some videos.  I recommend the following two videos:
First for educators check out: 

CS4HS Blockly with Ellen Spertus

Second for a great tutorial on how to create your own blocks:

The second is rather well done and the type of supporting documentation that students and teachers need.

Plus it also does Logo see the Turtle example and it can be run Offline!!!

P.S. I am having too much fun (mostly with Blockly and thinking about learning/teaching/doing programming.  Oh I also made some more progress at Code School

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Gerald Ardito said...

I had meant to suggest Blockly, which I have been playing with as well.
Please keep sharing your progress.